My favorite place in nature is under the house.
I like it because no body else will go under it .
It is quiet, dark, and cool under there.
The bad things are snakes and mud, wait that is an advantage.
That is my favorite place in nature.



Fishing trip

I went fishing this weak.

My dad and I caught about 20 fish!

It was a lesson cleaning them.

It was fun fishing with my dad and caching fish.

This week was the most fun week ever.



fall 2013


Si’s Big Day


A fictional story by Me

Si went to  the biggest pond in the world.

It had ten thousand gallons of water in it.

He glanced and saw nothing .

The pond is unavailing because there was not any wild life.

He was sad so he went home to Duck Commander.

He made an impressive duck call and entered it in a contest and won.

He won a $1,000 so he bought an immense boat.

His boat’s engine is super clamorous.

The birds dispersed  when they heard the engine.

Compare & Contrast Essay

Sometimes things are really different but they can have some things in common.  The Treasure Seekers is about siblings who were trying to restore their fallen fortune.  Alice in Wonderland is about a little girl trapped in a dreamworld and tries to get out.  Alice in Wonderland and The Treasure Seekers have both similarities and differences with their settings and characters, their adventures, and their problems.

The children in the books were from the English countryside but Alice was in fairytale land.  Alice plays in her yard at the beginning and the treasure seekers seek treasure in their yard.  AW and TS are alike because they each find treasure in a hole.  The stories become different when Alice finds a magical world.  Both stories start out in reality but Alice leaves reality in the middle of the book and returns in the end while the treasure seekers stay in reality.

Their adventures are very different in many ways.  Alice meets talking animals in Wonderland, like a talking rabbit and turtle.  When Alice eats or drinks she grows tremendously or shrinks.  The treasure seekers use their imaginations just like Alice.  When it all comes together, the stories have good meaning because they show the way the kids grow up.

The characters in each book had a problem to figure out.  They both tried solving their problem without adult help.  The treasure seekers had trouble finding money to give to their father to help restore their fortune.  Alice had a problem getting out of that crazy world.  At the end of the stories they all solve their problems and mature.

Alice in Wonderland and The Treasure Seekers were both the same and different in many ways.  I noticed that as the stories were told, they grew up.  Alice in Wonderland and The Treasure Seekers were both great books.  So you should read them and compare them like I did.